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Name: Shikki
Contact: fetchmodus @ plurk
Other Characters: Tavros Nitram / [personal profile] fiduspear

Character Name: Yuki Takeya
Age: 17-18, going with 18
Canon: Gakkou Gurashi / School Live!
Canon Point: Post Episode 11,
Character Information: Wiki page.

Yuki's role in the show is primarily that of comfort and comic relief. Despite being the oldest member of the School Live club, she's the most reliant upon the others and the most childish.

As the show progresses, we see what happened through flashbacks. Yuki was the closest to their teacher, Megumi Sakura or "Megu-nee". Megumi acted as a big sister to her and helped Yuki not just with her studies, but with the sudden change in the world she was accustomed to. After the outbreak occurred, Yuki was rescued by Megumi, who took her up to the roof to protect her from the rapidly changing student population. There, they were joined by Yuri (who had already been there, gardening) and Kurumi, who brought her injured boyfriend up to the roof. Kurumi was forced to kill him when he turned, thus setting the stage for the terrible new life they had to live.

Slowly, the other girls acclimated to this life. They began to expand their safezone and procure supplies. The school still had electricity and water, and the gardening club had plenty of plants for food. Yuki was not especially good at fighting and so she often felt like a burden and cried, to which Megumi responded by telling her that she helped everyone just by being herself. Megu-nee encouraged her to pretend that they were living at the school as part of a club, planting the seeds for her delusions.

One day, while they were attempting to push the zombies further back and secure themselves more territory, something went wrong. Megumi locked the girls in the broadcasting room and was bitten in her attempt to protect them by staying outside. The infected Megumi wandered into a secret office below the school, filled with life-saving serum and instructions on how to survive and escape, but turned before she could deliver the message to them.

After this happened, Yuki had a complete breakdown. She lost all touch with reality. One day, she seemed to "wake up" and began appearing bright and chipper, unlike the sad and gloomy girl she was before. Where once the "School Living" club was a pretend thing to put her mind at ease, she now took it as reality. In her new world, everyone was alive and well and nothing bad had happened. Megu-nee was also alive and well, and Yuki talked to her as if she were still with them. The other girls played along with this charade, in part in fear as to what would happen if they broke it, and also because Yuki's delusions made them feel better about the world they were in.

Some time later, Kurumi and Yuri had made the school a much safer space. Yuki wakes up one morning and declares that they should go on a field trip, and so they took a car and set out for the local mall for supplies. What they found inside was another student at their school, Miki Naoki, who had also survived the outbreak and had been living in isolation for some time. Yuki is lead to Miki because she hears her crying out. They saved Miki from a group of zombies that their investigation had awoken. After this incident, the girls take Miki into their "club". She questions why the other two would keep Yuki locked in her delusional world (as they both enable her fantasies and play along with them, even at times when it may put Yuki at risk) and realizes that they do it both because it keeps her safe, and also because Yuki's upbeat attitude and insistence that everything is fine makes them feel better. Miki becomes attached to Yuki and decides to join the club. Everything up until this point was told in flashbacks.

In present time, the girls have all been living in the school for some time. Yuki had apparently fairly recently attempted to leave the school in an attempt to go home and apologizes for attempting to do so. Life continues as "normal", with the girls going about their daily lives and Yuki attending "classes", sitting in the empty classrooms and going on as if nothing had happened. One day, Yuki forgot to take Taroumaru for a walk and it left him over energized. The dog had learned how to open doors and had taken to wandering about. The girls spend the afternoon chasing him down and later tie him up, as the zombies are close and could hurt him if he was left unattended.

The girls note that their supplies are dwindling and something must be done. Yuki proposes a "test of course" to go to the storeroom, and so the girls gather their things and go. It should be a relatively simple exploration, however a lingering zombie in the library complicates things. Yuki is separated from the others and unarmed. "Megumi" encourages her to crouch down and stay quiet, saying that the others will handle it. They kill the zombie and go into the store room, restock their supplies and leave.

A little later on (and after all the flashback episodes listed above) Yuki's delusions are beginning to break down. A reminder of the ride back home after saving Miki brings up the question of where Megumi had been sitting, as the car only sat four and the four girls plus the dog were all there. Yuki becomes distressed as her mind recalls Megumi outside the door. Kurumi quickly comes up with a lie, saying that Megumi walked home and Yuki had just been asleep and had not heard it, to which Miki reluctantly agrees to. Miki expresses her concerns, believing that letting her continue on like this is dangerous to her, but the other girls disagree. Yuki sees counsel with Megumi, and it's revealed to the audience that she has gone to the spot where Megumi was attacked to converse with her. "Megumi" gives her advice, saying that she should keep a journal and talk to people. The delusion ends with Megumi walking to the other side of the door of the broadcasting room, and Yuki looking alarmed but promising to do her best.

Yuki finds a package of stationary later that day and proposes writing letters, and Miki discovers a mysterious key. Without a functioning post office, the girls are stumped on how to send them. Kurumi advocates stunning a pigeon and tying one to it's leg, and Yuki offers the solution of balloons that she had picked up from the test of courage. The girls write letters and send them off attached to balloons, thinking about the future.

Not long after, Taroumaru gets into the swimming pool and becomes dirty. Yuki and Kurumi give him a bath. That night, Miki and Yuri investigate the room Yuki found the stationary in, finding momentos that remind them of Megumi. Yuri becomes upset as she recalls Megumi's death shortly after a photo of the original four of them being taken, and Yuki resolves to find what the key opens. She discovers a false panel and a locked box. Yuki leaves as Yuri and Miki look into the mysterious box. Inside, they discover contingency plans for a bio-hazard outbreak.

Miki, Kurumi and Yuri look over the plans and discover that there is a second basement within the school. Meanwhile, Yuki has once again been chasing Taroumaru and has been looking at the pool, wanting to swim. She poses the suggestion to the others girls, and despite Miki's resistance, the girls opt to clean the pool and have a fun filled day swimming and enjoying themselves so that they can gather their thoughts. They talk about the future and their hopes after graduating. Yuki and Miki become a little closer, as Miki realizes that Yuki's insistence of having fun and taking breaks to enjoy themselves takes some of the stress away. Yuki even gives Miki some advice about how to deal with friendship.This effectively marks the last day that such a thing is possible within the school.

The zombified students of the school gather at the school every day, and more and more of them are showing up. Kurumi, Yuri and Miki worry about the barricade while Yuki sleeps.

Taroumaru escapes that night and finds his way into the second basement, where he is bitten and infected by the zombified Megumi. Yuki notices he's missing upon waking up, and Kurumi volunteers to go look for him. She finds her way into the secondary basement and when in there, is met with an infected Taroumaru who attempts to bite her. Kurumi locks him in a room, then is confronted with her dead teacher. Megumi bites her. The now infected Kurumi stumbles back into their room. She is chained to the bed and Yuri stays by her side. Yuki frets over how to help and ends up leaving to boil water at Miki's suggestion.

Miki finds that there is medicine in the secondary basement, which is an emergency shelter. She volunteers to go down there and find the cure and bring it back, asking Yuri to wait and stay with Kurumi. Yuki comes in at the tail end of this vow, knowing something is wrong but not knowing how to help.

After Miki goes into the club room to get Kurumi's shovel, Yuki's delusion begins to break down completely. She begins to cry in the middle of the hall, only to be interrupted by a zombie stumbling in. The zombie is one of her former classmates and close friends, and for the first time in a long time Yuki sees her for what she is. She screams, alerting Yuri - who is too afraid to leave the room with Kurumi to go save her. Miki, who is also crying from the loss of Taroumaru and the danger she now faces, is faced with a zombie of her own. Unarmed and afraid, she prepares for the worst - only for Yuki to rush in. Yuki grabs Kurumi's shovel and yells for Miki to run into the club room, then runs in and slams the door behind her. Yuki comforts a frightened Miki, saying that she has locked the door and no one will get in. The school has become completely overrun with zombie and a freak bolt of lightning hits an antenna, knocking it from the roof and into the generator. The school goes dark and Yuki clings to Miki, terrified.

Miki asks Yuki to tell her something silly, hoping to give them both strength to do what has to be done to save themselves. Yuki obliges, then says optimistically that when Kurumi gets better they need to go on another club meeting, mentioning both Taroumaru and Megumi. Megumi's name gives her pause, as if she knows something is wrong. This gives Miki courage to go out - Yuki insists upon going with her, but Miki convinces her to stay in the room.

Left alone, Yuki's delusion begins to crumble further. She has a dream where she chases after the others, who leave her behind. She yells out for them not to leave her, only to be met with Megumi asking why she was yelling. Megumi encourages her to go into the classroom, saying everyone is already inside. When she opens the door, Yuki is met with the damaged and bloody home room that she had been sitting in all along, seeing it as it is for the first time. In her hands in Megumi's bloody hair ribbon. Yuki wakes with a start, saying she has to go and do something otherwise all her friends will die. Megumi's voice tells her to go to the broadcasting room. Yuki takes a baseball bat and follows an illusion of Megumi towards the broadcasting room. Along the way, she's met with visions of herself in the early days of the School Living club, seeing Megumi encouraging her gently when she cries about being a burden. She was told that her smile gives everyone courage, and that no matter what, she should never stop smiling. The real Yuki begins to cry, and the ghostly projection of Megumi turns and looks at her with a knowing smile.

Yuki finds a door and hears Megumi's voice. She presses up against it and has one final conversation with her teacher. She says that she does not want to leave the hard stuff to everyone else, and that she wants to help too. Though she's scared, she's more scared of losing everyone else. Yuki opens the door and finds the other side empty, then begins to cry and mourn her teacher for the first time.

Yuki's canon point is here.

After that, a zombified Taroumaru (who had escaped when Miki opened a door, rushing to find Yuki as she was his favorite person) rescues her from some zombies. Yuki gets into the broadcasting room and coaxes him inside by taking off her hat and offering it to him, using it to trap him when he tries to bite her. Yuki tjem delivers a passionate speech to the zombified students, saying that they can go home now. School is over. Miki reaches Kurumi in time and gives her the medicine. The infected Taroumaru is also given medicine, though he was infected too long to recover. Taroumaru dies in Miki's arms and the girls bury him next to Megumi. Yuki gives Taroumaru her hat and says to Miki that she must remember his last words, lamenting that she had forgotten Megumi's final words to her for so long.

With the generator dead and their supplies dwindling, the decision is made to leave the school and move on. The girls decide that it's become time to "graduate" and have a small ceremony. Yuki and Miki give speeches and talk about the future. They pack what they can and leave, piling into the car together. The final moments of the series are the girls talking and laughing, thinking about their future and where they want to go. Somewhere, someone finds the letters the girls had written.

Personality: Yuki Takeya is one of the most upbeat and energetic people you will ever meet. She loves people deeply and genuinely, lifting the spirits of everyone around her with a smile and a laugh. She's warm, kind, silly, and generous. When her friends are feeling down, she's always the first one to sit down and make a joke to make them laugh. Even under the most dire of circumstances, she focuses on the people around her instead of herself.

Even so, Yuki is known to be an airhead. She's not a terribly good student, doesn't always think before she speaks, and wanders in and out of trouble. She forgets important things - such as taking their pet dog, Taroumaru, for a walk so that he wasn't overly restless or energetic. She's childish and relies heavily on the people around her to get things done, and when more aware of the situation, feels guilty about the "burden" she places on them.

With a glowing personality like that, a little flaw like being almost completely out of touch with reality shouldn't be that big of a deal. Right?

Yuki was not always the sort of person she is now. In the manga, the other girls mention that she used to be "gloomy", but whether that started before the apocalypse or after is not specified. Regardless, her new bright and chipper personality is something new. Yuki's unending cheer and energy is a product of a complete mental breakdown, resulting in her reforging her worldview into one where nothing has gone wrong. Despite her world being populated by destruction and zombies, and their new home being the broken and abandoned school that they once attended, Yuki sees everything as fine. In her mind, she is a member of the School Living Club and stays at school simply because she loves it so much. She spends most of her days in empty classrooms, attending class and talking to long dead friends.

While their teacher and saviour, Sakura Megumi, encouraged her to pretend that her new way of life was just a school club - her death promoted a near complete disassociation from reality. While she is seemingly aware of her surroundings, she reinvents them to suit the reality she'd rather live in: one where everyone is alive and happy, and there is no danger. One of Yuki's most predominant hallucinations is of the dearly departed Megumi herself, which usually has her serving as Yuki's survival instincts. The Megumi hallucination has encouraged her to keep quiet in the presence of danger, guided her to saving the others, and above all else, keeping delusions going.

There is some debate as to how much of the world Yuki is actually aware of, and how much she's pretending. Though she does seem a little more aware of the reality they're in than she lets on, Yuki still has impaired judgement and does not do well in stressful situations. She's prone to bursts of childishness, usually to lift the spirits of her fellow club members, but sometimes posing a risk to herself due to the situations it places them in. She's also known to come up with impulsive games for them all to play, sometimes seemingly with foresight that it will affect something major. At this point in canon, some of her delusions have begun to break down and she's become aware of the reality that they're in - however, being in Ryslig and being faced with a new horrific reality would most certainly spur another breakdown and a new set of delusions to protect herself from the situation she is now in.

Even as she is now, if her friends are in danger then Yuki will rise to the occasion to save them. At her canon point, she's beginning to challenge the delusions that keep her complacent because she's in danger of losing the people she cares about most. She is not a fighter, she is not strong or fast, but she is the glue that keeps the team together. Her bravery does not manifest in being able to fight monsters or charge into battle, but in facing the darkness and walking into it when no one else can, knowing that she is probably not the right person for the job. She refuses to be left behind and will go anywhere with the people she loves.

All in all, Yuki is a kind person who loves everyone she meets. Ryslig will be an interesting challenge for her - a world of less immediate danger, but more monstrosities, pain, and suffering.

5-10 Key Character Traits: Compassionate, low self-esteem, energetic, silly, brave, mentally fragile, considerate, childish, air-headed
Would you prefer a monster that FITS your character’s personality, CONFLICTS with it, EITHER, or opt for 100% RANDOMIZATION? EITHER
Opt-Outs: Shade, naga, goblin, vampire, arachne (Tavros is a Kelpie, so I'd like to not get that twice!)

Roleplay Sample: "Aah! It's okay, you don't have to come with me," Yuki exclaims to a concerned look from a friend, refusing to hand the grocery list over to the expectantly waiting hand. "I remember exactly where it is, I do! It's... Ah! It's right by the park we went to a few days ago, isn't it? Isn't it? Don't worry at all! I wouldn't be a very good sempai if I couldn't find my way there and back."

She gives a boisterous laugh, then stops at the heavy sigh from her friend. It wasn't there at all. The store is at the opposite end of town.

"E-eh... Is that so? Well then... Aa! Then let's all go together! It can be a field trip. We can get icecream as we go, and we can hand out our resunees to that nice little grocery store while we're out."

Another sigh. The word is apparently resume. Yuki's cheeks redden, the embarrassed hang of her head lasting for only a few moments before she curls her fists determinedly.

"That's what I said! Re-zoo-ne. Let's go, let's go!"

The concerned look abates a little. There's the smallest of sighs from the other party, and a helpless shrug and a wry grin.

Life in Ryslig had been easy to settle into. It was a nice place to vacation after graduating -- but she couldn't really remember doing that. They had talked about the future, not all that long ago, but when had the future actually happened? Try as she might, no answered wanted to come - but the truth was she didn't search very hard. They were safe here... and she knew they hadn't been safe at school. But why, she couldn't recall.. Or, no. Maybe she just didn't want to. If it was safe back home, as her friends said it was, she could only assume that it really was. The dancer had been present, that much she knew, and they just happened to be in a place that it couldn't really touch. Whatever important thing that she'd needed to do must have been done, and whatever important thought she couldn't think of couldn't really be that important... Right?

After all, everything seemed fine now. The missing people were on vacation somewhere else and they would meet up when they got tired of being there. The people here were a little strange, and her friends seemed to eat strange food that they wouldn't share (and some people liked to spread nasty rumors about turning into monsters and eating people, which had been so scary she'd cried after hearing it) but food was plentiful, there was always a lot to do, and there were always people around.

Still... Yuki knew that there was something else she should be doing. There had been something important to do, something vital - and yet she could not remember what it was at all. Despite her best efforts, that important thing had slipped through her fingers like water. There had been an important realization, something important about Megu-nee and something she needed to do to keep Miki safe, something that she had to tell the others - but that too was gone, replaced instead with fragmented memories that she could not put together.

She had been close. After she had gotten off the boat, she'd still remembered. She knew that whatever important thing it was (and it was important, she had to go... to the broadcasting room? And Megu-nee was gone, so only she could do it) could not wait, but - after turning and running into a man

(a man that was too tall, way to tall, a man with curved horns and a mouth full of fangs and wings and claws and hooves where feet should have been -- and she couldn't remember seeing anything after that)

she'd forgotten it. She supposed that it couldn't have been that important if she'd forgotten so easily, but it was hard to shake the feeling.

Bavan was full of eccentric and energetic people, though. She had known cosplayers at school, but they were never this bold or this dedicated. Once or twice she had seen a handful of people who wore costumes so good that they looked

(were real, they were real but that was impossible, wasn't it? no, no, they were definitely costumes)

so real she couldn't tell! But those peopel had nothing at all on the people here! And they wore them all the time - didn't they get hot with that fur, or find the headpieces that their horns must be attached to heavy?

Sometimes, she caught the worried eyes of her friends. They too seemed to have jumped onto this cosplay craze, and said it would be only a matter of time before she would too... she supposed that was alright. After all, cosplay was fun! But wearing that all the time seemed a little much. What if she got tired of it? What if she wanted to lay on her side, which seemed hard for some of her friends with the complicated head pieces. What if --

Yuki brings a hand to her head, shutting one eye. Something aches and tells her not to go further down that thought process, and so she drops the thought without another moment to spare. Instead she turns and smiles, pumping a fist in the air and rhythmically chanting, "Field trip! Field trip! Field trip!"

The only thing pressing on her mind was the need to ask if everything at the school that night had been real. It pressed on her mind, when she was able to sort the pieces of memory into something that made sense. Every attempt had been met with an uneasy look, and she'd dropped it without daring to go a step further.

From what she understood, it must have been a mistake. She'd gotten it wrong again... and even if that didn't feel right, she could tell that was the answer they wanted her to believe. She could tell without asking that it was the one she would get, and the one they needed her to continue believing. Not just for her sake, but for theirs... It wasn't something she understood, not really, not fully, but it was important to do it. For their sake, she had to keep smiling and to keep believing...

And so she did.

"Ne, ne! We should get some new outfits while we're out too. It gets cold this time of year here, so it's best to bundle up nice and warm... Aaa, but your costume looks so warm! I don't think you could put a jacket on without getting too hot.. Hmmm... We'll find something nice for you anyway! Yuki is on the case!"

They gather their things and get up to go. Yuki lingers behind for a moment, fidgeting with the straps on her bag and humming aimlessly. The unease of going outside was hard to shake. Leaving had always taken some preparation before, and being able to pick up their things and go just didn't feel right at all. Leaving whenever they wanted to felt wrong too, as did not waking up every morning to the same room. It was different here. She knew. And that made it okay to leave again. It was just hard to remember sometimes... Like how they once had to stay in the school. That had been hard to remember too.

Megu-nee... Are you going to come here too? It's a nice place for a vacation, and I think that it would be a lot of fun if we were all together again. But... I'm sorry, even if everything is okay now and we've all graduated school... I can't help but feeling that I've forgotten something important again. I hope I'm still doing what you needed me to do.


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